Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Foresters Arms Pub

1-2 Castle Road, 



Phone : 01206 543900 ‎

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Had a  tip off on this site's accompanying Facebook page that the Foresters Arms do a vegan Sunday roast!

So sent them a little message to find out more!
They replied:

"Hi, yes, we do do a vegan friendly Sunday lunch, consisting of nut cutlet, roast potatoes and veg, with veg gravy, for £7.50. We also do a veggie chilli in the week (not sundays), and baked potatoes with beans that would be vegan friendly."

(I wrote back to check that the veg chilli is vegan friendly and indeed it is!) 

They unfortunately don't carry any vegan beers at the moment, but do sell Aspall cyder which is vegan.

The Foresters Arms is tucked away just off of East Hill on Castle Road.

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