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Vegan meal ideas for caterers!

[this post is not finished! Work in progress!]

Ask any vegan what they are offered when they request a suitable meal at a restaurant, and the response is usually the same! Fruit salad for starters, risotto or stuffed pepper for main, and the same fruit salad again for dessert! Whilst this is by no means the worst meal, there are sooo many more possibilities!!  Here are some dishes that vegans have said they would like to be offered (with links to the recipes where possible).

Easy Starters

Fancier starters

(Directory of more vegan starters)

Easy Mains

  • All day breakfast- Vegan sausages (such as Linda Mc Cartney), hash browns, baked beans, fried mushrooms, grilled tomato.
  • Roast Dinner-roast potatoes (without lard/goosefat etc), steamed veggies/roast veggies (sweet potato/parsnip etc) with vegan sausages (such as Linda McCartney) or vegan nut roast (some love it some hate it!) and  vegan gravy (such as Bisto favourite or follow a recipe such as this one)
  • Pie and Mash-Vegan pie (Example recipe here or buy Linda Mccartney Country Pies), with dairy free mash (use "Vitalite" or "Pure" in place of butter, and soya milk in place of dairy milk), veggies and gravy (such as Bisto Favourite)
  • BIG Burgers! Either choose to make your own (20 recipes here!) or source vegan burgers from Frys or VBites!.  Stick in a bun (check that they are vegan too!-most are but some have milk in!), with lettuce, tomato, and add a side of chips, sauces and corn on the cob! (to really please your vegan customers, offer them some vegan mayo too!)
  • Pizza- offer a plethora of veg toppings to add to a vegan base (most dough recipes are vegan, as are most sauces).  Toppings could include: Roasted vegetables such as peppers and courgettes, red onion,cherry tomatoes, artichoke
  • Chilli-Filling and full of flavour vegan chilli will please everyone! Jamie Oliver Chilli recipe here
  • BIG Salads...vegans don't just eat salad, but we do like them sometimes! Add filling additions such as roast sweet potato/chickpeas/cashews/slices of avocado (and use a dairy free/honey free/egg free dressing) 

Fancier mains

[work in progress!]
Easy Desserts

  • Keep to hand some cartons of soya cream (Alpro brand-from supermarkets), soya custard (Alpro brand-available in cartons or snap pots, from supermarket) or soya whipping cream (Soyatoo brand-available online or from Natural Foods in Colchester). The cream and custard are available as UHT so have a long shelf life and can be used as and when required. This can be added to fresh fruit, fruit crumbles or fruit pies to make an appetising vegan dessert!
  • Crumbles and pies are easy to veganise! Just replace the butter in the recipe with vegan margarine such as "Vitalite" or "Pure" (and brush pastry with soya milk instead of dairy milk!)
  • Or how about offering a vegan chocolate pudding cake!? Your vegan customers will love you for it! See recipe below!

Fancier desserts

Suggested websites for finding vegan recipes:

Some of my favourite recipe sites:
  • Post Punk Kitchen (US) : Possibly the most reliable recipes ever, by one of the most popular vegan chefs, Isa Moskowitz  (author of “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World”).
  • Fat free vegan: Delicious reliable recipes, mostly with a reduced fat content
  • Mouthwatering vegan: Gourmet style recipes, with tempting photos.
  • Vegweb-over 15,000 recipes, for every kind of food you can imagine! Recipes are uploaded and rated by members.
  • Maple Spice:Extensive directory of sweet and savoury recipes, by a Canadian blogger now living in Ireland.
  • Parsley soup: User friendly recipes with UK measurements and ingredients
Tips for stocking your vegan kitchen can be found here:
Useful guides

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