Saturday, 29 September 2012


11-13 Head Street


CO1 1NX you're thinking "Ugh! A chicken restaurant?! A chicken restaurant??!?! Why write a post about that!?"

 Well, I figured some people may end up in a Nando's with omni friends (as I have before...) and also practically  every other restaurant that I've written about on here serves chicken/meat too..(just not in such a glaringly obvious in-your-face way...).

Nando's do actually answer the question of vegan food on their website.. 

"If you’re vegan or vegetarian we offer a veggie pitta, but vegans need to specify “no mayonnaise” as mayo is a standard ingredient containing egg. You can have any baste as these are free of meat, egg and dairy products.
Please note that Nando’s are not vegetarian restaurants [really? I wouldn't have guessed..] and do not imply in any literature that we are. However we do take specific steps to segregate our vegetarian product from chicken products as follows: 
  • A separate area of the grill is defined for the exclusive cooking of vegetarian and bean burgers.
  • Separate utensils are always used with vegetable products.
  • Separate bottles of the Nando’s bastes are used exclusively for basting the vegetarian products.
Full ingredient listings are available in all of our restaurants if you wish to explore further! Ask to see the “Food & Menu Specifications” booklet."

Unfortunately the said "Food and menu specification" booklet doesn't seem to be available online, so it is just a matter of asking in the restaurant....!

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