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Zizzi have a helpful allergen menu here and even better-they have a copy that you can read in the restaurant too!

Below is a list of items that are marked vegan on the PDF, and also those that can be veganised ...

“Before you start”

Mixed olives
Goddess Olives
Dough sticks with garlic aioli- contains milk and egg: to make vegan substitute garlic butter and garlic aioli for olive oil


Bruschetta al Pomodoro
Italian bread basket-Dough sticks contain milk- "to make vegan serve without dough sticks" (this is the advice of the allergy pdf.. I'm aware it seems a bit contradictory, as above it says that the dough sticks can be made vegan if using olive oil in place of garlic butter!)


Zizzi'z use vegan pasta-except the gluten free pasta, which contains egg
Pasta with pomodoro sauce is vegan-ask for it without the buffalo mozzarella

“Risotto”-all contain milk and egg

“Calzone and Pizza"

-Pizza dough and pizza sauce are vegan, so ask for the cheese to be left off.  Possible veggie pizzas to veganise are-

Skinny Rustica-Primavera  :Slices of aubergine, artichoke, peppers, olives, tomato sauce, mozzarella and goats’ cheese.-Contains milk from mozzarella and goats cheese-ask for pizza without these cheeses

Calzone-Clarissa-Aubergine, peppers, olives, pine nuts and our tomato sauce, topped off with mozzarella and goats’ cheese.-Contains milk from mozzarella and goats cheese-ask for pizza without these cheeses

Funghi-Mushrooms, mozzarella and thyme.-contains milk from mozzarella-ask for no cheese.

“Salads and sides”

Tuscan potatoes
Fine Green beans
Mixed salad
Super food insalata-“Chunky slices of butternut squash and ribbons of courgette. Lentils, broad beans and mint. We muddle goats’ cheese through the mix, add salad leaves drizzled with white balsamic vinegar and put dough on the side.”-Contains milk from goats cheese, and from garlic butter on dough sticks. I assume it would be vegan without goats cheese and dough sticks…

Sorbetti (strawberry, lemon and
blood orange)

Items that looked like they may be ok, but aren’t!
Courgette fries:contain milk and egg

As ever, all information on this site is intended as a guide. Menus and ingredients may change, so always mention that you are vegan at time of ordering.
If you spot any out of date information/broken links on this site, please email me to let me know!

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