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Eventually I will try and upload a prinatble PDF of the questionnaire that I'm handing in to eateries, but for now here is a copy of it from word-apologies for the dodgy formatting in places! 

The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out which restaurants/eateries  in Colchester have good vegan options, and to publish the findings on my website http://vegancolchester.blogspot.co.uk/
Eating out can be hard for vegans, so I am aiming to make it easier for them. (What does this mean for you?  -Well as well as directing vegan’s business your way, I’ll also be directing their family/friends’ business you way!)
I would appreciate it if you/your chef could take the time to fill in as much of the following questionnaire as possible,  I  will be returning to collect it by     _____________________

Firstly, to clarify
A vegan will not eat any animal products, for example:
  • No meat, fish nor other products that come directly from killing an animal, such as animal fats and gelatine.
  • No dairy products such as cows milk, cheese, butter, cream and yoghurt, ghee; nor goats milk.
  • No eggs nor foods containing eggs such as Quorn.
  • No honey.
However vegans will eat meals/foods made from:
·         fruits, vegetables,
·         nuts, seeds, beans, peas, lentils,
·         rice and other grains, couscous, pasta (egg free)
·         mushrooms, herbs and plant-based spices and plant based oils (eg olive, vegetable etc).


 Name and address of your business:________________________________________

Q 1, Do you have a vegan suitable main course option on your menu?
-Yes          If yes, What is it? / What are they? _____________________________________________________________________________
-No, not at the moment 

If no, is there a vegetarian option that could be altered to make it vegan? Ie, by leaving of the cheese/mayo/dressing etc?

-Yes         ,the following options could be made vegan (please state changes that would need to be made at time of ordering)__________________________________________________________

Q2.Please state any side orders/starters that are suitable for vegans_____________________
Q 3. If you currently have nothing on the menu that is vegan/ could be made vegan, would you/your chef be prepared to make a vegan meal especially, if given enough advance notice?

-Yes , we’d be happy to!          Amount of notice required _______________________________
-No, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible.

Q 4. Do you currently have any vegan dessert options on your menu?
-Yes, we do!            If yes, what are they? ___________________________________________________________
-No, there are no vegan desserts on our menu but we would be happy to make one especially. (please state possible desserts that you could provide)_______________________
-No, there are no vegan desserts on our current menu and unfortunately there is nothing we could offer

The Vegan Society produce a helpful guide called “Catering for all”, this can be viewed online at
Q5. Would you like a paper copy of The Vegan Society’s “Catering for all Guide”?
-Yes please, our chef/staff would like to learn more about catering for vegans.
-No thank you, we are already confident in catering for vegans.

Q6.  Would you like a “Vegans catered for here”  sticker  for your window?  (This would require contact with The Vegan Society first).
Yes please!
No Thanks!

Thank you for your time.


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