Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Supermarket lunch options and vegan lists

Possible supermarket  lunch grabs...[Updated Nov 2012]

 These are a few things that I found on the vegan lists of Tesco, Sainsburys and M&S, that could be grabbed for lunch on the go.  (obviously most places also sell lots of fruit/salad and other snacks like nuts/crisps etc too!)

Links to the vegan lists of Tesco, Co-op, M&S, and Sainsburys are at the bottom of this page.

-Houmous & Carrot Chutney Sandwich


Snack salads:
1.    Taste the difference Tabbouleh 250gram
1.    Tomato & basil pasta 550gram
2.    by sainsburys chargrilled vegetable pasta 280gram
3.    by Sainsburys tomato and jalapeño pepper pasta 400gram
4.    by sainsburys chargrilled vegetable pasta 400gram
5.    by Sainsburys tomato & basil pasta (C) 400gram
6.    by Sainsburys tomato and jalapeño pepper pasta (C) 400gram

1.    bgty less than 3% fat Beetroot salad 250gram
2.    Tomato & basil pasta 300gram
3.    3 Bean salad 270gram

Marks and Spencer

“Food on the move”:

1.      Asian Slaw & Mango Rice Salad
With Edamame Bean Dip
2.      Count on us Orzo Pasta Dual Tray Size
3.      Count on us Orzo Pasta With Slow Roasted
4.      Count on us Roasted Butternut Squash,
Red Pepper Houmas Wrap
5.      Count on us Sweet Chilli Veg Sushi Wrap
6.      Food on the move - Vietnamese Style Vegetable Noodle Soup
7.      Super WholefoodWith
Blueberries & Mango

From the Salad section:

1.      Superwholefood Shaker Salad
2.      Fresh Superfood Salad Meal
3.      Large Deli Side - Roasted Veg Cous
4.      Rice, Lentil & Roast Aubergine
With A Garlic Dressing

From the Delicatessen:

1.      Vegetable Spring Roll
2.      Vegetable Spring Roll Selection


Co-op List January 2012

Tesco September 2012

Sainsburys November 2012

Sainsburys 'Non-Food' Vegan Product List

Marks and spencer,  5 November 2012

Waitrose 'Wine List' JANUARY 2012
Food List - Waitrose will post out their vegan list if you contact them:
email: customersupport@waitrose.co.uk
phone: 0800 188884
(apparently you can ask in store for one too))

Morrisons - do not provide a vegan list


  1. I've just eaten the tescos houmous sarnie, found it today reduced to 85p...I was shocked to actually see what appears to be a vegan suitable sandwich in their refrigerated snacks bit. It's bloomin' lovely too!

    1. 85p sounds bargainous :) I haven't tried that sandwich yet, but will keep an eye out for it! :)